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Community association management is no easy task. You’re responsible for a wide range of duties for the associations you manage. From daily maintenance to big picture projects, it’s your job to ensure your clients’ homeowner associations (HOA) or condominium associations (COA) always run smoothly.

When you’re managing associations, the right software can transform your business. Community association management software like CINC Systems provides the tools you need to be an effective, efficient manager. Use association management software to process fee payments, schedule repairs, handle your clients’ finances, and communicate with residents.

As you get ready to upgrade and use new software tools, you may be wondering, what are the computer system requirements for community association management software? Different software programs have different requirements, so before you can answer this, you’ll need to choose the best software for your HOA/COA management company. Find association management software that’s right for you by asking the following questions.

Can It Handle All Your Community Management Needs?

No two associations are alike. A large homeowner association with 100+ residents will have different needs compared to a smaller condominium association with a dozen units. When considering the computer system requirements for community association management software, you’ll want to choose a program that can handle the unique needs of all your HOA/COA clients.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider the size of your community association management company. How many employees will need to use your new management software? If you have co-managers or subordinates who need access, you’ll want to choose management software that can create multiple user accounts.

If you manage large community associations and need multiple user accounts, your community association management business will benefit from more powerful software. This may mean having greater computer system requirements than less advanced software for smaller organizations. Always choose the best software to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Does the Software Offer Community Association Accounting Features?

Accounting duties are among the most important responsibilities for HOA/COA managers. Your clients will need you to handle many aspects of their community’s finances, from collecting resident fees to paying vendor invoices. You may also be tasked with balancing the budget, scheduling bill payments, and monitoring accounts.

With community association management software like CINC Systems, you’ll find many key features to help you perform HOA/COA accounting. For example, you can use association management software to create online payment portals. This allows residents to pay fees online, helping your business go paperless. Accounting software for associations can also generate a list of which residents have paid their fees and which ones are behind.

You can also use HOA/COA software to perform bank integration and link your clients’ financial accounts to your software. You’ll be able to see financial transactions in real-time, in one place, without logging into multiple banking websites.

Other HOA/COA accounting features may include:

Generating financial reports for your clients’ board
Paying utilities and other bills
General ledger accounting

If your community association management software offers these tools, it may have different computer system requirements than software without accounting features.

Will Community Association Management Software Make Your Job Easier?

When researching the computer system requirements for community association management software, look for software that makes your job easier. When you manage homeowner associations or condominium associations, find ways to work smarter, not harder. The right software can streamline your day-to-day tasks, freeing you up to work on bigger projects.

Look for software, like CINC Systems, that can process work orders online. With CINC Systems, you can create a web portal where residents can submit work orders from their computer or phone. They can even submit a photo of the repairs that need to be done and track the work order’s status online. Processing work orders online makes your job easier because you can organize submissions by date, category, and priority.

However, community association management software that processes work orders online may require a more advanced computer system.

Is It Cloud-Based/Mobile?

Next, ask yourself if you need community association management software that can go mobile. When using a cloud-based program, such as CINC Systems, all your clients’ data is stored remotely. This means you can access the accounts for every association you manage from almost any location with the Internet.

Using mobile software offers several advantages for HOA/COA management companies. It allows you to manage different locations when you’re on-the-go. This is especially beneficial for managers responsible for large associations with several sub-associations, or managers whose portfolio is spread out across a large geographic area.

Cloud-based mobile software often requires less computer power, operating on a simple laptop or tablet device without the need for complicated installations. Depending on your management company’s needs, HOA/COA software that’s mobile can be a better choice than traditional desktop software.

Will Your Clients’ Data Be Secure?

Finally, choose community association management software that will keep your clients’ data secure. When you manage an HOA/COA, you may be handling sensitive financial information as well as personal information about residents. The best software will employ several security measures to keep this data safe.

As you consider the computer system requirements for your community association management software, make sure you assess the software’s security protocols. We also recommend installing antivirus software and firewalls on your company’s system. This will protect your clients’ data on all sides.

CINC Systems: The Perfect Software for Any Computer System

Different association management software has different computer system requirements. Depending on the software you choose, your computer system may need to be upgraded or replaced. However, a cloud-based platform like CINC Systems can run on almost any computer system.

See how well CINC Systems functions on your computer system with a free demo! Once you install CINC Systems, HOA/COA management will be easier than ever. Click here or call 855.943.8246 to get started with CINC Systems today.